Subbaraju  Couldn't Take Pressure & Finally Opened Up

Tollywood star villain, Subbaraju attended the interrogation related to drug scandal conducted by Special Investigation Team. Typically, the interrogation was scheduled to be completed by 5:00 PM but it went until 11:00 PM due to the suspicious answers given by the actor

As per the sources, Subbaraju entered the SIT office at 9:30 AM, but did not cooperate with officials until afternoon and was giving only vague answers saying he don’t know anything. However after the lunch, officials started grilling the actor seriously by showing him all the proofs of call records and photos he posed with the accused drug peddler Calvin

Initially, the actor tried to rubbish them by saying that, he only knew Calvin as an event organizer but not as drug peddler; But later, he opened his mouth when the interrogation reached climax stage, as he could no longer take the pressure and revealed details of some Tollywood biggies who take drugs daily.  Stunned with the big names of these 13 new drug users, officials are now busy collecting the evidence against them.