Sujeeth Copied Saaho First Look Poster?

The first look poster of Prabhas upcoming multi-lingual film “Saaho” was released today on the occasion of his 38th birthday. In this poster, Prabhas was seen dressed in long black coat with a scarf covering half of his face and walking down the foggy road with the skyscrapers in the backdrop.

Looking at the poster, fans of Prabhas celebrated in a grand way. However, their happiness did not last long as many netizens pointed out the striking resemblance of Saaho poster with Hollywood’s film Blade Runner 2049 poster, in which Ryan Gosling was seen in similar attire and backdrop. 

Soon Twitterattis criticized director Sujeeth Reddy for his shameless rip-off from Hollywood movie. We need to wait for the director’s response on Saaho poster being almost exact replica of the Hollywood film poster. Will he agree to his mistake and accept it as his “inspiration”? Or will he shrug-off and say that he didn’t even look at the poster of Blade Runner 2049 till date?