Sunny Leone Had Increased Condom Sales

Formal adult star, Sunny Leone new condom ad advising people to "Play this Navratri, but with love (Aa Navratriye ramo, paraantu prem thi), had not only became controversial but also became profitable for the Manforce brand. Many north indian cities are known for "fun" that young people have during Navratri - the festival of nine nights. During this festival, even the most traditional parents allow their son/daughters to stay out until late in the night, participating in the traditional dandiya dances held at various venues.

There have been many media reports, which indicate that during Navratri festival, teenagers indulge in unprotected sex, and months later, demand for abortion at various clinics had been on rise. Now many condom companies are trying to cash this situation by promoting condoms with celebrities. As a part of this plan, Manforce Pharma Company had erected huge billboards across the city featuring Sunny Leone promoting safe sex with condoms that had attracted lot of attention.

Gujarat State Federation of Chemists and Druggists Association (GSFCDA) study revealed that the sale of Condoms have gone up by 35 percent in Gujarat during this Navaratri season. This increase in condom sales did not go well with Doctors, who would eventually loose their patients because of condoms usage. Gujarat National Medico Organization (GNMO) Doctors body had requested its 7,000 doctors in Gujarat to stop prescribing any drugs manufactured by Manforce Pharma Company as a protest to the Sunny Leone’s ad.