Super Comedy Interview of Tarun

May be this generation of audience would not know much of Tarun, who was earlier hailed as lover boy of last decade. Later his stardom went to drain due to flop movies and his alleged relationship with Aarthi Agarwal. He later confined himself to playing cricket matches in celebrity cricket league.

Now, he is back on the screen, after a long hiatus, with a new movie called “Idi Naa Love Story”. Even though this movie had been launched couple of years ago, it could not find any buyers. However, recently he had given an interview sharing the details about his film’s release date. In the same interview, he also shared that after his film gets hit, he will order director Trivikram Srinivas to do a film with him and when that happens it would be a big budgeted film as audience has very high expectations from their combo.

Netizens had a field day laughing to this news. They started making fun of Tarun’s statement saying that, “First of all, 80% of the audience today don’t even remember you and the remaining 20% who knows you are not even interested to pay money to watch your film in theaters. On the top of it Trivikram Srinivas had delivered an utter flop movie Agnyaathavaasi recently and he is also at his career’s low. Then where do huge expectations on you come from? Do you think that your combo with Trivikram will generate tremendous buzz similar to Pawan Kalyan Trivikram combo? Please enlighten us poor souls with your justification”