Suresh, Aravind & Raju Are Celebrating!

With the Telangana government permitting theatres across the state to screen five shows per day, the four big shots, D Suresh Babu, Sunil of Asian Films, Allu Aravind and Dil Raju, who are controlling majority of the single screens theatres in Telugu states, are celebrating grandly hearing to this announcement, as this move by the Telangana government would bring in much more money for these big shots.

As per industry insiders, these Big Four take the lease for 15 per cent of the theatre’s gross earnings and charge 30 per cent from the distributors and producers through lease system, thereby pocketing huge profits. Even if we take very rough estimates, these big shots are making Rs 100 crore profit annually from the theatres alone.

This just shows how profitable this line of business is for these producers, who don’t even need to worry about producing a film ever in their life. Things turned much more rewarding after their recent collaboration where these four producers formed a syndicate so that there would not be any internal competition or clashes between them, which in turn may give chance to other people to poke their noses in.

Also all of them have a very good understanding about the fixed rates that they need to collect from the distributors and producers based on the budget of the movie. One of the producer on anonymity shared that, “There is an unspoken rule in Tollywood. It does not matter whether you make Baahubali or Arjun Reddy, untill you don’t dance to the tunes of these Big Four, your film will never see the light of the day”