Umair Pheku Forecast on Prabhas & Anushka

Umair Sandhu, a guy who claims himself to be UAE censor board member and film critic, can be compared to our desi self proclaimed critic Kamaal Rashid Khan, as they both post Fake news. Even before a movie gets released Umair creates a post saying “First Review” and gives his verdict as “Super Hit”. No matter which movie gets released, his verdict never changes. Once the movie gets released, audience will not find any relation between what this guy said and what is actually shown in the movie.

Generally, Umair will be news when any new movie is getting released, but today this guy started posting tweets about the relationship of Prabhas and Anushka Saying, “Breaking News for #Baahubali Fans ! #Prabhas & #AnushkaShetty will get engaged this December ! They are officially in Relationship Now. #AnushkaShetty & #Prabhas close friend told me that they love & care each other & they are officially in relationship now..!!”

Fans of Prabhas are now making fun of this fellow saying, “Umair Pheku, Whatever you say, the exact opposite happened till date. Even though we want to see Prabhas and Anushka together, but since now you have opened your mouth, that’s never going to happen. Stop spreading fake news for the sake of attention. We didn’t say anything to you eventhough you always post fake reviews, but if this news turned out to be false, we will not leave you”