Varun Tej's Punch To Allu Arjun

While Allu Arjun is distancing himself from the mega fans because of his recent dramatic comments saying he will not speak about Pawan kalyan, Varun Tej is working hard to win the hearts of the Mega fans. In the Fidaa audio launch event, whenever he took the name of Pawan Kalyan, the whole auditorium was filled with fans euphoria

 “I receive feedback from fans of Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan on what kinds of movies to make, but due to some wrong steps some of my films didn’t worked out, but I promise you that from now on I will make only good films going forward.”

“Even though people may get bored of me talking about Kalyan Babai, Chiranjeevi pedanana and Charan anna, but if I don’t speak about them at any provided opportunity in front of you guys then I am doing a big mistake. So I would like thank my Pedanana and Babai for giving me all these fans”

“When Sekhar Kammula told me this story, he said that heroine is Pawan Kalyan fan in this movie, then I told him I don’t like that because I should be the fan of Pawan Kaylan. But she was apt for that role and we have also used few Pawan Kalyan dialogues in this film and you all will enjoy it” shared Varun Tej and ended his speech with Pawan Kalyan’s famous words “Jai Hind”