Was It Kattapa’s apology or Voice-over?

Finally, Satyaraj came out and read his apology speech to Kannadigas in front of camera. In the video, he was seen sitting on the couch and started reading what was written in the paper. He asked directors to not to cast him in future as he will not stop fighting for tamil people issues and when he does that his films may again land up in trouble. The following is the excerpts from his speech

“Baahubali is a mega project, and I am just an actor in the movie. What I spoke should not affect thousands of people who have worked for the movie. All their time, money and hard work should not suffer because of me. In addition, even the distributors should not incur a loss, and it is my responsibility to understand all this and act accordingly.

Even director Rajamouli has spoken in this regard and explained the circumstances.

However, in the coming days, Tamil Elam people (in Sri Lanka) and all Tamil associations should understand that I will stand up and voice the farmers, water issue or any issue Tamil people face for that matter.

The producers who think casting Satyaraj may land you in trouble need not cast me as I am just a small actor in the Tamil film industry, he requested humbly.

I will not die as an actor; I do not believe in any superstition. I want to live and die as a Tamilian, and I am proud of my beliefs.” Spoke satyaraj

Kannadigas who watched the video were seen saying that Satyaraj’s speech seemed more of a voice-over to Rajamouli's script than an apology. They are unhappy that Satyaraj just narrated the speech from the script paper handed over to him without even lifting his head and it did not come from his heart.