What Happ'nd To Mr Katta After Dynamite Blast?

He is the director who delivered masterpiece movie “Prasthanam” in 2010 with no big star cast and received critical acclaim. However, post Prasthanam i.e even after seven years; he does not have any other hit movie from his stable. He could not convert the mileage given by Prasthanam to race in to next level. You would have guessed his name by now; yes, he is none other than director, Deva Katta.

Even though he came with two movies (Dynamite and Autonagar Surya) in the past 7 years, both bombed at box office and left him a bad name in the industry. Since industry only respects winners of Friday, Deva Katta is standing on the verge of being forgotten in Tollywood.

Instead of coming up with different films with solid content, which he is known for, he went on to create commercial movies but could neither make a commercial movie nor an credible movie. Now he is keeping his hopes on Bollywood by remaking his only hit film “Prasthanam” with actor Sanjay Dutt

Usually people go to other languages once they are successful in their mother language, but Deva Katta is forced to look for other options since he is not able to convince any Tollywood actor to cast in his film, because of his consecutive flops. Let’s hope he will soon build his lost credibility atleast with this Bollywood film.