What Kind of Pose Is this, Mr. Sundeep?

Our actors and directors always try out new and interesting ways to showcase romance between the hero and heroine in their movies, however most of them forget the difference between “Romance” and “Vulgarity”. One such director is Krishna Vamsi, who had lost his magic touch and had been struggling with frequent flops.

Krishna Vamsi’s most recent film “Nakshatram” had been box office dud and been termed as disaster of the year. Recently, a scene from “Nakshatram” has been trending among the social media and whatsapp groups, not just in Telugu states but also across north India.

This is the scene from the song “Pedaviki Nuvvante” in Nakshatram, where Sundeep Kishan and Regina Cassandra are shown romancing on the top of the elephant. Netizens who had watched this scene are laughing to death by looking at the creativity of the director in the scene where our hero Sundeep is seen sitting on the trunk of the elephant and Regina is busy kissing his beard. The scene and angle in which Sundeep was seen sitting is been trolled by all the netizens.