When Do Gopichand Get Oxygen?

Gopichand’s two-year-old movie “Oxygen” release date is again postponed. This is third time the movie is getting postponed after getting near to its release date. Earlier the movie was slated to release on August 18, 2017, which was later moved to October 12, which was again moved to November 17 and now it is again postponed to god-only-knows date.

Even though well-known producer AM Ratnam produced this movie, financial problems are still haunting the movie every time the release date is being announced. While the producer is struggling to give his son Jyothi Krishna much needed break with this film, the financiers are putting breaks on his plans by demanding the pending amounts that needs to be cleared.

Although Gopichand is staying away from all this drama, he is silently praying for the release of this film. Since his other movie “Aaradugula Bullet” is also struggling to hit the theaters, the result of “Oxygen” will severely affect Gopichand's market in the coming days. Unless or until the financial issues are sorted out soon, this movie’s future is looking bleak.