Who Are Winners And Losers Here?

When will our directors stop showing us nonsense commercial movies, which does not have anything new?

When will they stop the hero introduction scene with same old dialogues - “naku nyayam chesey vadey leda? Velani apey mogadey leda? Can’t they think of anything else?

When will they stop keeping female names to comedians and think it is comedy.- Padma (vennela Kishore’s name in winner), sujatha (30 yrs prudhvi’s name in winner).

When will they stop showing Jagapathi babu with his same old black & white beard – hopefully we will see him in same getup for next 10 years and directors keep on telling that's how stylish villian should be.

Why do they think that audience are dumb and don’t need logic?

All these questions will remain unanswered. However, audience who buy ticket expecting to watch a good movie are the eventual losers.