Why Baahubali Could Beat PK So Easily?

Aamir Khan’s starrer “PK”, which had been Number 1 in the list of highest-grosser Indian films from past three years (by collecting 792 crores), was pushed to second position by a Telugu film, Baahubali 2, in just 8 days after its release.

An interesting discussion is going around film circles on the reason how Tollywood film Baahubali could beat Bollywood superstar film PK. The reason is that, Baahubali had respected gods by worshipping Ganesh and Shiva whereas PK had grossed 792 crores by insulting and ridiculing Hindu gods, Aamir khan was seen in a role questioning gods existence. If an atheist movie had been in top position for all this time, it can only be beaten by a movie that had magnified Hindu gods i.e. Baahubali. In first part, Prabhas become popular by carrying Shivalinga and in second part by pushing the mammoth Ganesh chariot in the introduction scene.

Apart from all these senseless discussions, we can say one thing. Indian cinema can be clearly categorized into two segments from now on: Before Baahubali and After Baahubali, because Baahubali had changed everything about Indian cinema and proved all film strategists and trade pundits wrong on their face and showed how a regional film can do unthinkable.