Why Don’t You Encourage Anchors To Expose?

TV Anchor Rashmi Gautam who had become popular in small screens because of Jabardasth and Extra Jabardasth shows, had been criticized lately for increasing skin shows. In a media chat, Rashmi said that in the artistic and glamour world, there is nothing wrong in exposing the beauty to grab the attention.

“People are used to watching a lead actress wearing a bikini on screen, but on TV, when we wear a mini-skirt or show a bit of skin, it becomes a big issue. I understand that the whole family watches television, but we didn’t do anything extraordinary. Times are changing and so are we.” She said.

Compared to the Movie audience, TV audience generally consist of entire family ranging from kids to elders, so critics are complaining that it would be not wise for the anchors to wear skimpy outfits as it would become uncomfortable for the family audience to watch the shows.