Why So Serious ? Nani

Now-a-days actors are spending lot of time in social media. They re-tweet all the praises they get but cannot handle the criticism graciously. They try to show their heroism on the people in social media who don’t agree with their thoughts and eventually get into wrong books of the audience due to their big-headedness.

Recent addition to this actors list of showing heroism on social media is Tollywood actor Nani. A fan of Nani got upset about the delay in publicity campaign of the actor's upcoming film “Ninnu Kori” and questioned the same to writer Kona Venkat on his Twitter page, but got shocked after Kona Venkat blocked his account.

The fan then took the issue to Nani and tweeted him saying “Publicity gurinchi oka fan ga kona ni adigithe Block chesadu". Nani suddenly got angry by the way fan had used singular tone to describe Kona and gave his fan a Manners class and asked the fan to remove Nani’s picture as DP from the twitter handle "U call urself my fan ..thank you but Have seen ur tweets to others.. Either u change ur language or change ur Twitter handle and DP .tc", tweeted Nani

Soon Nani was trolled on the twitter by his fans saying “Why don’t you keep a manners test to all your fans and only those who pass in your test can be your fans officially and the people who had failed in your test can follow other actors”