Why Swapna Dutt Rejected #ArjunReddy?

Film industry is a strange place where people talk lot of good and inspiring words in front of camera and in interviews but their true side is revealed only if you meet them personally. One such film personality who is now under discussion is Swapna Dutt, who is the daughter of legendary producer C. Ashwini Dutt.

In her interviews, she talks a lot about giving importance to producing new generation movies with out of box scripts but when one such script "Arjun Reddy" fell on her lap, instead of embracing it with open hands, it is heard that she asked the director to make many changes in the story and convert it into routine script. When the director Sandeep Reddy Vanga could not agree for the mentioned changes, Swapna asked Sandeep to look for another producer.

After many such producers rejected his script, Sandeep Vanga’s brother Pranay Reddy Vanga decided to produce “Arjun Reddy” on Bhadrakali Pictures and as they say rest is history. After the film was released and declared as super hit, all those producers who rejected “Arjun Reddy” tried to cover their acts by saying that they knew sandeep could deliver such a big blockbuster. However, the director could not talk anything against them at this point of time because all those producers are closely connected to many big wigs in the industry and have power to destroy anyone’s career.