Why The Rift Between Vijay & Vishwak?

Ever since Vishwaksen’s indirect gibe on Vijay Deverakonda at the Falaknuma Das pre release event went viral, there have been unending speculations and reports around Vishwaksen and Vijay’s rivalry. But the inside talk of Tollywood is that, the origin for this rivalry is not a new one but is at least couple of years old.

As per the industry sources, when Vishwaksen was getting ready to remake Malayalam blockbuster film “Angamaly Diaries”, he came to know about the casting call of “Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi” given by the film director Tharun Bhascker Dhaassyam and gave an audition for that film. He was eventually selected for Psycho Vivek role. For another important friend role, both director and Vishwaksen thought Vijay Deverakonda would be the perfect fit, but Tharun was hesitant to ask Vijay because the actor was enjoying immense stardom from the blockbuster effect of Arjun Reddy, at that point of time.

So Vishwaksen took the responsibility of convincing Vijay for that role. However, Vishwaksen received shock of his life when Vijay straight away rejected the role saying that he does not want to play such character after his new-found success. Vishwaksen was deeply hurt with Vijay’s rude response and from then on there had been bad blood between the two actors. Although they haven’t openly admitted their rivalry all these days, Vishwaksen is in no mood to hide the fact that he is still quite upset with Vijay Deverakonda.