Will Allu Arjun Learn from Mahesh's Mistakes?

Tollywood and Kollywood are very much similar in the way they make movies. The hero's in these industries are worshipped and treated like demi-gods by the audience. Mass hysteria is something that is present mostly in south India. Unlike north Indian actors, top actors in Tollywood and Kollywood are invincible in their craze. Cashing this, most of the actors in Tollywood and Kolywood cross their paths to venture out and expand their market to the neighboring states.

While Kollywood heroes had already been doing this from long time, Tollywood heroes are now catching up with them slowly. However, the success ratio of Tollywood heroes in Kollywood had been very low from long time. Instead of gauging the market in Kollywood, Tollywood heroes are directly acting in bilinguals by thinking that Tami audience would accept them with open hands. This over confidence of Tollywood actors is failing them big time.

The approach of the Kollywood actors had been completely different. First they are testing waters by releasing the dubbed movies in Tollywood. Once Tollywood audience accepted their dubbed movies, then they have started coming up with bilinguals and had been successful in their attempts. Mahesh Babu’s latest film Spyder is one such example where it could not completely satisfy the Tamil audience even though it is directed by top Tamil director A.R Murugadoss . Now Allu Arjun is also testing his luck in Kollywood with his next Telugu-Tamil bilingual under the direction of Lingusamy. Will he take a leaf from “Spyder” result and work accordingly? Let’s wait and watch.