Will Anushka Ever Transform to Size Zero?

Yoga trainer turned actress, Anushka Shetty, is still struggling to get rid of the extra weight that she had gained for her 2015 film “Size Zero”. Even after 4 years and endless visits to various health centers over the past few years, trimming those extra kilos yet looks like a distant dream for the actress.

Usually, film actors have everything and everyone at their fingertips, whether to gain weight or to reduce weights. We have seen so many actors who lost weight or gained weight instantly, just because of their character demands in the movie. However, even after being blessed with so many options, it’s not an easy job for some actors such as Anushka Shetty to get back to the shape.

It is heard that although Anushka had the choice to remove those extra kilos through various popular weight loss surgeries such as gastric sleeve surgery, gastric bypass surgery, gastric banding surgery and bariatric surgery, the actress is not interested in going through the surgical route and is only focusing on reducing weight through naturopathic treatment from world renowned hospital in USA.

Meanwhile, Anushka fans are not at all happy with the results after they got the glimpse of chubby Anushka at Rajamouli son’s wedding. They are just praying that she would soon return back to Billa days, when she used to be envy of every woman. On the work side, the actress is getting ready to shoot for her next film that will be directed by Hemant Madhukar and produced by Kona Venkat and People Media Factory jointly. This film also stars MadhavanShalini Pandey and Anjali in important roles.