Will It Be Pokkiri or Another  KiriKiri?

Puri Jagannath, who is turning into his guru RGV day by day, is again coming up with another mafia don story for Balakrishna. Puri's likeness with mafia backdrop was shown in many movies such as Chirutha, Pokkiri, Ek Niranjan, Golimaar, Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap, Businessman and most recently Ism. Out of which Pokkiri proved to be successful and rest 90% of his movies flopped at box office miserably.

Fans of Balakrishna are not happy with Puri again coming up with same old mafia backdrop story for Balayya. They are questioning the director, who is known for creating unnecessary hype and delivering below par results, whether this NBK#101 will be Pokkiri or another KiriKiri? They are warning Puri saying that if the he delivers same old routine story then he will definitely face the ire of Balakrishna fans.

Meanwhile, Puri said to have suggested 'Tapori' and 'Ustaad' as title for this movie and is waiting for the approval from Balakrishna. The shooting of this film is progressing briskly with action scenes being shot on the main lead across locations in Hyderabad. The movie has Shriya Saran as heroine. Muskaan is being introduced as the second female lead. The movie, which has music renditions by Anup Rubens is aimed for a theatrical release on September 29.