Will KCR Become Another Sreesanth?

Madhura Sreedhar Reddy is not only well known for announcing interesting projects but also known for dropping out of those projects after some time. He has done the same for many films in the past. After the flop of his 2011 film “Backbench Student”, he retired from directing movies and tried his hand as producer, which also didn’t work out in any way.

While he is still in the process of deciding whether to be a director or producer, he had announced many films in the past, which does not have any address till now. In fact people who were going through Sreedhar’s movie announcements are comparing him with Ram Gopal Varma, who is a trendsetter is doing such publicity stunts.

First Madhura Sreedhar Reddy announced “Dana Karna” in 2013 that is supposed to be Vicky Donor remake in Telugu but dropped from it, which was later directed by Mallik Ram and produced by Supriya Yarlagadda. In 2014, he announced another film “I am Not Sachin”, which is an biopic on controversial cricketer Sreesanth that is again dropped after gaining lot of publicity.

Again in 2014, he launched a star hunt for his upcoming film “Om Mangalam Mangalam” and even announced the film release date as May 2015, which again didn’t come out with the reasons best known to him. In 2015, he announced “Love Sex & Crime” that was supposed to be in lines of Bollywood super hit film “Dirty Picture” but later that movie also didn’t see the light.

And currently he again announced a film on KCR and had released bytes to media saying Nawazuddin Siddiqui is roped in to play the role of KCR. Now the industry insiders are placing bets saying “Will he do this film or is it going to be another humbug, even if he does this film can he handle the subject as he didn’t direct any film in the past six years?”