Will Puri Repeat Chutneys Logic To His Son?

Puri Jagannadh, who had completely transformed from hit director to flop director by delivering disaster movies consistently, is now gearing up to launch his son as hero in Tollywood. He had already written three love stories and will be finalizing one story out of them by this month end. Music director, Sandeep Chowta is all set to make a comeback for this film after a long gap of eight years.

“Taste of food in military hotel will be different from the Brahmin hotel. Similarly the movies of Director Bapu, Vishwananth and Ram Gopal Varma are very different from each other. These directors had worked hard to create that specialty and they cant change the way they make movies. Chutney in chutneys restaurant always taste the same, they will not change the taste of that chutney just because you got bored of it”

“My movies always have the connection to Pokiri story, I am aware about that and it is difficult for me to change because I am popular for such stories. From October, I will start directing my son’s debut movie, which would be a love story.” replied Puri about criticism on his movies.

Audience are now discussing that, “Going by Puri’s chutneys logic, his love stories will always be in the lines of “Idiot”, so if you want to watch idiot kind of story by replacing Ravi Teja with Puri’s son Akash then get ready to watch another kalaakandam from Puri’s factory.”