Yes, I had An Affair With Soundarya

In 90’s there was a strong rumor floating around the film circles that Jagapathi Babu and Soundarya are having an affair. Apart from the intimacy between these two, some people also witnessed Jagapathi Babu visiting Soundarya's house many times and both exhibiting PDA. Jagapathi recently opened up about his linkup with Soundarya.

'People have a certain perception when it comes to actresses but Soundarya was way different from others. She was a good friend of mine and we shared a very close bonding but people and media misunderstood that. When people said I was having an affair with Soundarya, I was not upset and instead I took it as 'compliment', he said

 “I respect women a lot. That too Soundarya, I respect even more. So I maintain very close relation with her as a family member. So I used to go her home directly to spend some time with her”.

“Even Soundarya’s brother Amar is also a good friend to me, her father also very close to me. I used to attend each and every occasion like a family member,” Jagapathi babu added.

Jagapathi babu finally asked people to not misuderstand his relationsip with soundarya. “I had an affair, but this affair is not what you think and it does not involve s*x”