You Need To Lift Your Legs, To Survive In Film Industry

Every actress now and then opens up about casting couch in film industry. They say that it is not easy to get chance in film industry, if you don’t have “Connections”. While desperate aspirants try to get their first break by doing anything to get the role but once they reach a stage they blame that casting couch is existing in the film industry and exploited many actress but they had never come across them personally.

People are questioning these intelligent actress on how come they know about something that had not happened to them? If they were just telling this based on what they heard from their colleagues then it would just be a gossip right? However, if they are telling that from their own experience then why feel ashamed to tell that they had faced the problem and shout out the names of bad people who are doing this so that those who demand such things will fear to do same thing next time to anyone.

Every heroine says there is casting couch in film industry but gives a disclaimer saying that they didn’t face them personally and they came to this position only because of their hardwork and talent. It’s like a girl asking some sex related question in magazine but says this question is for her friend and not for her.

When many actress are talking about women empowerment then why can’t these actress empower the women first in their own industry by coming out in open and shaming those casting couches in public? If they are not doing that then it means that they are ok with those people in film industry. In that case, have fun with those casting couches and dont complain.