19 Drug Addicts In TFI Got Notices

In a joint operation, SIT (Special Investigative Team) and task force department had arrested drug suppliers Kelvin, Ben and Nikhil Shetty. After police started conducting interrogation in their own style, these drug dealers started singing and had revealed all the business dealings they had with the people in Telugu film industry.

SIT had issued summons to these 19 Tollywood personalities to appear before them between 19 –27 of this month. Even though police kept the names of these suspects as secret, distinguishable hints on who these people are coming out slowly.

Drug Dealer Kelvin also shared that the recent deaths of actor and a director was indeed due to the LSD drug overdose, which he had sold them personally. Enforcement officials are also pulling out call data from these drug dealers to identify other suspected drug users.

According to Buzz, the list includes - a top director who is known for making movies quickly but has no recent hits, a producer who started in film industry doing small roles, an ex-item girl who is known for her salsa dance moves but later shifted her base to Mumbai after she stopped receiving offers in Tollywood.

The same list also has the name of a singer who started by singing in small movies and eventually got offers to sing blockbuster-hit songs, an ex-north Indian actress who had acted in good amount of Telugu movies but now started looking into production activities of other films are also the ones who were served notice. Rattled by these strict developments, drug users in Tollywood are completely switching of their mobiles and had become not reachable.