90% Of Tollywood Runs On Nepotism

“Nepotism” may look like simple word out of dictionary but it is definitely giving sleepless nights to many actors in Bollywood currently. The controversy surrounding this word was started by Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut and from then on it spread like a wildfire debate across the audience and film circles.

Kangana used this word to indicate how sons and daughters of film industry people are getting chances despite not having any skills. She opinioned that if you are allowing someone less skilled for a job then someone who is actually qualified is getting backstabbed, which in turn hinders the growth and evolution of the industry.

Now people in Tollywood also have started debating around this topic, as 90% of the Tollywood actors are from film background who did not have to struggle a lot to receive offers as they had already been born with a golden spoon in the family of filmy background.

Every time a celebrity kid wants to enter into film industry, their parents arrange a gala event among the fans and declare them as the heir of their family as if they are kings of this industry and from then on, fans work hard to make sure the heir also receives similar treatment as their parent and owns them completely. These fans even go to the extent of fighting with anti-fans, if someone comments about the heir’s looks or acting skills.

These actors after enjoying the fruits of Nepotism, go on and give motivational and inspirational statements saying, “We need new blood in the industry, we are always getting same old boring scripts and we are not getting right scripts such as in Hollywood. Tollywood should become innovative and make movies that are not mundane”.  

Audience are now questioning these so-called top stars, “How do you think new talent comes in to industry, when you only give chance to your unqualified family members or people from your caste? Most of you preach a lot to the society through your films or through social media but you should seriously start to think on how you have reached to that position, was it purely because of your hard work? Think about it and stop preaching non sense when you actually have become successful through back door”