Aadarsh Was Caught By Police While Having Sex

Episode 48 of Bigg Boss Telugu revealed some sensual stories of all the Bigg Boss contestants. Actor Sachin Joshi came into the house to promote his upcoming film "Veedevadu" and on the occasion of his entry, the housemates got Rosy Lips task, where the 8 housemates should pass the rose with their lips to next housemate and when the music stops, the person having the rose should reveal his first kiss/making out experience.

First one to share the experience was Archana, “I am in love with Bombay based guy, I usually go to Bombay to meet him and no one recognizes me there so we are used to PDA, with the same comfort he came to Hyderabad and we went outside and he and me started kissing forgetting that there were people around us. While we were intensely kissing each other, we realized that we are in public and people are watching us, so we felt embarrassed and went to my home”

Shiva shared his first kiss experience, “When I was in 19, I used to go to pub in Chennai and there was one women who was close to me and she used to touch me intimately now and then. Once she kissed me suddenly while talking with me and I didn't know how to react and left from that place”

Prince shared his making out experience, “I was 17 and I went to my girlfriend’s terrace and started making with her, suddenly someone started banging the door. My gf starting worrying and I asked her to open the door while I went and hid behind the water tank. Later her mom came and she spoke something with her and they went down. Girlfriend later called me and asked me to leave, when I was supposed to leave, her brother locked the door from inside. So I waited till midnight and jumped to the adjoining terrace and escaped from there”

Aadarsh Balakrishna shared his getting caught experience, “It was raining and I was in car with a girl and we were making out and suddenly two police constables came on bike and asked me to open the door. I went out of car and they questioned me about what I was doing in the car with the girl and tortured me with their questions. After sometime they warned me that, I will be kept behind the bars if I again repeat such incidents”

Deeksha shared her intimate experience “In college, there was a boy, who used to follow me and I used to ignore him but one day when I was walking, he came very close to my lips, I got scared and left from there because everyone were watching us”

Navdeep shared his experience, “After spending 3 months with my girlfriend, one night she asked me to come to her home when her parents were away. I went and spent the night with her. In early morning, I got to see the room and it was good and I told her your room is very good, she replied saying that it was her parent’s room. Later when I was in relationship with another women, she also invited me to her home and when I was inside her bedroom, I asked her whether this is your parent’s room? She got angry and asked me to get out and stopped talking with me”

Mumaith khan shared, “I went to America and hired a male stripper for my 30th birthday and spent good time with him”

Hariteja shared her embarrassing experience, “My engagement was planned in February and in December me and would-be went to Goa without informing anyone at my home. I had a dream where I want my would-be to carry me to my room and he carried me in his arms and it was very romantic moment and I was in trance while he was carrying me. When we went to the room, there is a single cot and we were on the bed and embracing each other and we heard a noise and were shocked to see my friend was also sleeping there, she got up and she said you guys have fun and left from there and next day everyone came to know about this incident and I felt embarrassed to see their faces.”