Actor Pradeep Caught in Drunk & Drive

There is popular saying in Telugu “Deyyalu Vedhalu Vallincinatlu”, which goes by the meaning “Devils reciting the Vedas”. The same thing had happened yesterday when a popular TV anchor and actor Pradeep Machiraju had been caught driving his car under heavy influence of alcohol. Earlier, Pradeep had released a video requesting everyone not to drink and drive as it can lead to accidents and destroy the lives of others.

However, when it came to him, he didn’t even follow his own advice and was caught by Hyderabad traffic police yesterday while he was driving his BMW car (TS 07EU6666) after consuming alcohol. On the occasion of New Year Eve, Hyderabad traffic police conducted checks to prevent accidents arising due to rash or negligent driving under the influence of alcohol.

At the same time, Pradeep who was driving the car under the influence of alcohol, was stopped at Banjara Hills and when the police conducted breath analyzer test to Pradeep, it showed staggering BAC 178 points, while the permissible BAC limit is only 30 points. Immediately, a case was registered against him and the traffic police seized his car. The police said that Pradeep would have to face a trial at the court, where the court may give 1-2 days in imprisonment as punishment.