Actress Makes

Malayali actress, Hima Shankar Sheematty had started making the tag “Bed with Acting” go viral by sharing her experiences in the film industry. This comments gained importance after AMMA president said that casting couch is no longer a practice in Malayalam film industry and only "bad women" indulge in such cheap practices. However, Hima has different opinion on this issue where she revealed that she had received many package offers at the beginning of her career in Malayalam industry.

“When I was at the School of Drama in Thrissur, I got offers from film industry calling it as 'package'. When I asked them to explain what the 'package' means, they told me that it's the 'Bed with Acting' (sexual favors for film offers) package. I was angry but I couldn't do anything except strongly rejecting them”.

"I got three similar offers at the time and I turned them all down. I didn't get any such "package offers" after that, People ask women to speak up but when you do, you are hated. I have also been receiving threatening and derogatory messages even since I revealed about the prevalent 'casting couch'. This may even end my career, but I want to tell this to everyone that acting is a profession and not a business based on women's flesh” she revealed.