Actress Ramba's Divorce Case Is Closed

Actress Rambha, who earlier filed a divorce petition at the family court in Chennai, finally have decided to unite again with her husband and lead a happy family life.

Rambha was married to Indiran Padmanabhan of Canada in 2010. After 3 years of marriage, Rambha alleged that her hubby married her only for the money and also her husband was earlier married to Dushyanthi Selvavinayakam and he did not disclose it at the time of marriage and she came to know about only later. The actress contended that she suffered a lot in the hands of the family of her husband. She had sought Rs.1.5 lakh for herself and Rs. 50,000  each for her two minor daughters for their maintenance on a monthly basis.

Hearing their divorce plea, the judge had directed them to try and resolve their issue in the counseling chambers of the court premises. Rambha’s husband Indiran today appeared before the court and submitted a petition stating that he had resolved issues with Rambha and the couple have agreed to continue their marriage. The court closed the case following this positive outcome.