Anasuya's Garam Garam Warnings In Instagram

Anasuya Bharadwaj, who always is in headlines for controversies, is once again in news. This time, the anchor turned actress gave a serious warning to her fan on Instagram. This incident happened when she posted her photo of body hugging tight dress on her Instagram page

She received one comment asking her reduce her belly that was clearly visible in the photo “Amma anasuya a potta antamma inka Taginchu potta”. Soon she got angry on that commenter and warned him saying that she can send him to police station based on his body shaming comment.

“Tandri Nikhil.. Body shaming tappamma! Can put you behind the bars! But look who's talking! Mee mokham kuda chupinchaleru na potta gurinchi maatladtunnara?? Not fair! I take pride in myself! Body and soul! Learn that.. everybody looks beautiful then.. life will be beautiful then.” replied Anasuya.

Later she received many comments from netizens trolling her saying, “He just told what is clearly visible in the photo that you have posted, India is a democratic country and everyone has freedom of speech in this country, how can you put him behind the bars for utilizing his constitutional right?”.