Another Indian Gets Racially Abused in USA

Another Incident of racial abuse against Indian women was surfaced online. Ekta Desai, who lives in New York, took a video of the incident and it shared on Facebook

She was traveling in a PATH train when a man started abusing her. “This man was on the same PATH train as me along with 100 other passengers, I had my headphones on and was like any other day. Next thing I know he is yelling on my face (Did not bother to listen/ react). Knowing its pointless I step away, next target alongside an Asian lady! From Christopher St- till Newport the things this man said, from “Asian piece of s**t to I will F**k you all right here to get your F***k**g  **es back to your country etc etc etc” (putting it in the best words here) he went on relentlessly!! When we decided to take action against the abuse/threats, this is how it went!! So who exactly is taking up his job!!??”

She further mentioned, “P.S: not sure the cops found him or even took any action, though they showed up 15 mins after all this drama and he walked away with his friends!” . When she approached the cops, the man is heard saying in the video, “I did not touch any body. I just expressed what I feel. Freedom of speech.”