Archana Is Boycotted By All BB Housemates

In the 30th episode of the Bigg Boss Telugu season 1, Archana received a huge shock from her housemates. 8 out of 9 Bigg boss Telugu housemates had proposed her name for this week’s elimination. Even though she expected some votes against her due to her earlier arguments with other housemates, she didn’t expect 90% of the housemates going against her.

In spite of having a heated discussion with Archana, Mumaith Khan didn’t propose Archana’s name for this week’s elimination. Except Mumaith rest of the contestants have collectively voted against Archana saying that she needs to be eliminated. Most of the contestants have shared the reason of elimination as bad behavior of Archana. They commented that Archana is irritating everyone by making small issues into bigger ones.

After hearing the news from the Bigg Boss saying that she had received 8 votes for elimination, Archana was seen upset with tears rolling down her eyes. Prince tried to console her by going to her bedroom, but she was in no mood to listen to him. She kept on saying that people have backstabbed her. 

Dhanaraj is another housemate who was nominated for elimination this week by getting 5 votes. In total, four people have been nominated for this week elimination, where Archana and Dhanaraj were nominated by housemates while Mumaith and Haritej have nominated themselves.