Archana Rejected Prince Love Proposal

Prince Cecil received heartbreak on the Bigg Boss Telugu show. From the beginning of the show, Prince had feelings on his co-contestant Archana and tried to woo her many times hoping that he receives positive signal from her. However, all his hopes went down the drain when Archana told him she is not interested in him.

In the earlier episode of Bigg Boss show when Archana cooked heart shaped paratha, prince was very happy that she did it for him and told everyone that he would not be sharing that paratha with other contestants, as it is special.

However, she later revealed that she has a boyfriend and his name starts with T and ends with Y. Sameer and Adarsh Balakrishna immediately guessed the name as Tanay alias Mr Bali. Soon prince became unhappy hearing that and left from there saying “Why I need to be here when Archana said on my face to get lost”. When Dhanaraj suggested Archana that prince would make a good pair for her, she again rejected that suggestion saying that prince is too young for her.