Baahubali Proved How Shitty Online Ticket Booking Websites Are!

In India, Online movie ticket booking websites are functioning from past 15+ years. But Still they have been using age old servers without any upgrades. These websites come up with new schemes now and then with the ways to loot money from audience in the name of convenience fees, but they create lot of inconvenience to the most of them thereby spoiling the fun to watch their favorite film on the first day.

Baahubali, which had released yesterday, had proved once again how shitty these movie booking websites are.  To cash the craze from audience, these websites had be offering pre-booking of Baahubali tickets from 2-3 weeks before the actual release date and had lured many to pay from 100-600 rupees per ticket and had even sent the confirmation saying that they will send the tickets shortly as per their selection.

However, when the actual day came, just couple of hours before the movie time, most of the customers who had prebooked received a message saying “Oops! Sorry we don’t have tickets, visit our shitty website and try your luck”. Even the people who tried very hard to book tickets by visiting their shitty websites were welcomed with many stupid error messages which they have never seen in their lifetime. Many irritated customers took a vow not to use these shitty online ticket websites anymore and uninstalled the apps from their phone.

Instead of saying sorry to all those users who had been disappointed, these websites are now releasing a press statement saying we had booked millions of tickets and boasting of all the useless numbers.

Audience are saying that instead of self-praise, do a reality check and see how useless your websites are and how many people you have let down. Common sense shows that you have to foresee the demand and atleast increase you server infrastructure capabilities before publicizing about the availability of the tickets on your website and promising anything to your customers, why would you take the money from the customers in name of pre booking and say sorry at last moment?. What is the use of your website if it does not serve its primary purpose? If the same situation continues, soon there comes a day where audience completely boycott using your websites and look out for other alternatives.