Balakrishna Again Slaps His Fan In Public

Nandamuri Balakrishna does it once again. This time Balayya slapped a fan, who tried to garland him while he was entering a hotel in Nandhyal. As the unruly crowd were pushing from behind, the fan went unbalanced and was about to fall on Balakrishna, who instantly slapped him and pushed away. This whole episode happened on wednesday night when Balayya was in Nandhyal campaigning for TDP’s Candidate, Bhuma Brahmananda Reddy

The actor was then seen angrily walking away from the crowd after the incident. Earlier this month, a video of the Balakrishna slapping his assistant went viral on the sets of his upcoming #NBK102 movie under KS Ravi Kumar's direction. Not very long ago, the actor was again captured in a video while slapping a fan, who tried to take a selfie with him. These videos are now shocking many about the disorderly behavior of the star of such stature.

Even though there are frequent instances where star heroes lost their patience in public and slip out of control, Balayya is the most seen actor in such instances. Netizens are now protesting against the actor on his frequent unruly behavior. They are asking him to be nice at least during this elections time as the Nandhyal elections are around the corner and such incidents would damage the prospects of TDP.

Something don't change. I m not sure who's mistake but he shouldn't have man handled.

— Agasthya TV9 (@agasthyakantu) August 17, 2017