Chef Destroyed Srikanth's Car

In a shocking incident, Actor Srikanth’s car was destroyed by his own chef in the moment of rage. Srikanth, who is staying at road no. 76 of Jubilee Hills Hyderabad, had employed a chef named Venkatesh at his home. Things went good for initial five months; however later Srikanth did not like the behaviour of Venkatesh and fired him last month.

From past couple of weeks, Venkatesh had been coming to Srikanth’s home to apologize for his behavior and wants to join back as chef, however Srikanth was not interested in meeting Venkatesh and shooed him away with the help of his security guards.

Hurt with Srikanth’s behavior, chef Venkatesh became angry on the way he had been treated by Srikanth’s personal and entered into Srikanth’s residence by jumping the backside wall and had an argument with Srikanth. When Srikanth did not budge down, Venkatesh got angry and destroyed the glass of Srikanth’s car by pelting the stones. Stunned Srikanth immediately informed jubilee hills police, who flew down and arrested Venkatesh for destroying the actor's property.