Commissioner Gave Strong Warning To RGV

Drug Scandal had turned into war of words between many people who had been involved in this. In the latest turn of events, Ram Gopal Varma criticized Excise Enforcement Department saying that they are targeting Tollywood just for the sake of publicity and are not putting effort to find the real criminals.

"I am very much wondering if the school children taking drugs also will be summoned by SIT and interrogated for 12 hours like they are doing to Poori jagan and Subba Raju ..Just asking? Of course everyone kind of know it exists but first time everyone actually heard about this department only because they are using the film industry as a teaser trailer for people to come to know their existence”

“Whatever the actual truth of the drugs matter the law in its own course might tell or not tell but for the moment Akun Sabharwal is being projected like Amarendra Bahubali by the Media .Maybe S S Rajamouli should make Bahubali 3 with him” Shared Ram Gopal Varma

Countering to RGV’s comments, Excise Commissioner Chandravadhan reacted strongly saying, “Some people are criticizing excise department through social media using their senseless logics. This is not the first time Excise department is investigating drug scandals, we had been doing this from long time.”

“It is unfair to say that only Telugu Film Industry personalities has been targeted. All the investigations had been going according to the rules of law without any deviations. Akun Sabharwal and his team are investigating this case from all angles. Drug Scandal is a serious issue; do not make it appear funny.”

“We have been investigating as per Law & Supreme Court directions. We neither show any partiality nor any discrimination. People in Film Industry need to behave in a responsible manner. This is not a good practice for those people to give baseless statements asking us to investigate school kids; I will leave that question to that person’s knowledge who is asking to interrogate school kids”