Deepika Gets Trolled For Her Paper Dress

Seems like Deepika Padukone’s bad phase is still continuing. After getting interlocked with the controversy related to her upcoming film ‘Padmavati’, now the actress had to face the wrath of the fashion police. she was trolled for wearing a thigh-high slit golden gown at the Lux Golden Rose Awards. The actress was called 'Ferrero Rocher’ and comments like 'Looks like Deepika gift wrapped herself too along with the Christmas gifts’.

She was even compared to a curtain, "Horrendous to say the least. Seriously even my nan's curtains would make for a better outfit for Deepika than the stuff you put together". One even wrote, "This is really funny! I couldn't stop myself from commenting on this look. Looks as if she has literally gift wrapped herself for Ranveer Singh." 

Deepika Padukone is no new to trolling. Every now and then, she experiences trolling for her outfits. However, this time, the trolls are not just targeted at Deepika but also targeted at her stylist, Shaleena Nathani, for styling Deepika Padukone like a 'wrapping bag' and making the actress look 'ugly'.