Did You Just Dance, Hebah Patel?

We all know that actors take money from the brands to promote them on the actor’s social media page. Once they get the money from the brand organizers, they post something about that brand in their Tweets or Facebook or in Instagram posts.

They usually take enough care to make sure that their post does not look like advertisement by trying to add some nonsense to make it look as if they have used that brand and genuinely liked it, thereby informing their followers on how good the brand is.

Recently, Hebah Patel also tried same thing. She had posted a dance video on her Instagram page saying “This insane soundtrack from the new KOOVS.COM ad got be like :). Step into style with the latest trends from @koovsfashion with their #stepintoKOOVS campaign and guess what, you also get Flat 30% Off most wanted pieces for the season – only today. Go grab ‘em before their going, going, gine #KOOVS”

Immediately she had been trolled by her followers saying, “What is that have you posted in the video? Was it a dance? Why are jumping like frog? Have you been drunk? How much money did you take to promote this brand? This is the worst way to promote any brand?”

After realizing that her idea was completely misfired, she had deleted the video from her instgram page. Eventhough she had deleted the video, Tollystar.com exclusively presents you the deleted video below

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