Dream Girl Is Drunk Girl!

Maharashtra MLA, Bacchu Kadu had revealed that Bollywood Dream girl, Hema Malini drinks alcohol daily. He announced this while referring to Hema malini statement that alcohol is the reason for farmer’s suicides.

“If drinking alcohol is the reason for farmer suicide then there are many actors who drink daily. Doesn’t Hema Malini drink too? Why hasn’t she committed suicide?” he asked.

Kadu further said that the real cause of these suicides is shortage of money. ‘Professor Swamninathan always said that farmers’ produce is increasing but not their income. It is very painful to hear it that farmers are committing suicide and the state government is not taking enough steps’ he said.

Farmer’s suicide is one of the major prevalent problem that is spreading in our country right now. Corrupt intermediaries traders, unpredictable weather, poor rainfall and bad loans are forcing many farmers to take this drastic step.