During Outdoor Shoot, Director Harassed Me

Bollywood actress, Swara Bhaskar, had opened up about her bad experiences which she faced in Bollywood so far. She shared one of her sexual harassment incident, where she was harassed by a film director during an outdoor shoot.

“I have come across many casting couches in Bollywood. These are not just the middle men, but I even faced sexual harassment from the film director itself.  I have signed for a film and in one of the outdoor schedule we started shooting in a remote location. I used to stay in a Hotel room in that location and director used to send me obscene texts to meet him after the shooting, which I used to ignore. However, one day he requested me to come to his hotel room on the pretext of discussing the scene.”

“When I went there, he was drinking continuously and started talking about love and sex, soon I felt uncomfortable and left from there. One night, he came to my room, fully drunk, and asked me to hug him. Immediately, I informed my executive producer that I will not be able to act if this is continued. Producer listened to me and used to escort me everywhere. Director came to know about this and acted hurt and said that I had misunderstood him. He stayed away for two weeks, then he was back to his tricks again." revealed Swara Bhaskar