Even TV Actress Are Forced For Sex

By now everyone is aware of casting couch in film industry. But what’s scary is that this disease is not just confined to film industry but had also spread across Television and Ad industry as well. One such incident had come to light after a Television actress named Sulagna Chatterjee posted a screenshot of her conversation with a middle man, who demanded her for sex after completion of the shooting.

Taking to her Instagram, Sulagna shared a WhatsApp conversation of a chat she had with an agent regarding an ad shoot offer. She captioned the image saying, “When such offers are so common that you are not even affected anymore!”. The texts clearly show that the agent is speaking on behalf of a director, who is asking for a ‘compromise’ in turn for the ad offer.

The actress shared that, she was sharing this incident not for any publicity but to make everyone aware about such kind of malicious middlemen, who have nothing to do in life but try to force you in doing things in the name of an offer. Sulagna also revealed that asking for sex had become so common in showbiz that people approach you as if they are asking you for a date and they don’t even have an iota of shame in them to come up with such shameless offers.