If You Need Privacy, Who Asked To Act In Films?

There are lakhs of people who are eagerly waiting to act in films, but people in film industry who had luck to face camera and get recognition and money give silly statements saying actors also need privacy, don’t take our photos when you see us etc etc. So you want audience to go gaga over you when your film releases and bring your movie lot of collections and forget about you after that. How is that possible?

Recently Parineeti Chopra said “People write all sorts of things about an actor taking a sabbatical. If I go scubadiving, people ask if I am doing it for a film. Am I any less of a human being because I am an actor? In this age of paparazzi, there is little scope to make mistakes. If my feet hurts and I step out in chappals, they will circle my footwear and question why I wore them."

Film nagar strugglers are of opinion that, when you have decided to become celebrity, you have already traded your privacy for fame, so why complain now when you have fame? Are you naïve enough that you didn’t know this before turning into actress?  If you don’t want people or paparazzi to circle you, then the answer is simple, change your profession so that no one will care about you or your chappals and people who are struggling will get the chance.