Jagapathi Babu Is Big B Of Tollywood

He is the son of veteran producer Veeramachaneni Babu Rajendra Prasad, He had worked as hero in 100+ films in his acting career of 25+ years, but all this background didn’t stop Jagapathi Babu from going bankrupt.

All the money he saved was washed away in front of his eyes due to his costly financial mistakes. He even sold all his assets including his posh bungalow in jubilee hills and moved to a 2 crore apartment in Lodha, Kukatpally. He even covered that act by saying that he sold his house because it is too big for his family.

During the same time, his career as a hero also started going down and most of the films in which he acted as hero bombed at box office, which pushed him into severe depression. However, he soon recovered from it and tried testing waters as character artist.

His first attempt as villain in Telugu was for 2014 Balakrishna’s film “Legend” which turned out to be super hit and everyone went gaga over the Jagapathi Babu’s getup and performance that took the film to the next level.

After this movie, there is no looking back for Jagapathi Babu, he went to become successful villain in Tollywood and was featured in 20+ films as the main villain in less than 3 years. People are amazed at the way he bounced back by taking right decision at right moment and started calling him Big B of Tollywood, who also had similar past and had risen from the ashes after his company ABC Corp went Kaput.