Jr.NTR Kick-Starts BiggBoss Telugu

The first episode of reality TV show Bigg Boss Telugu was aired on Star MAA last night. Jr. NTR started the show by explaining the concept of Bigg Boss program and gave an overview of the Bigg Boss house in which the contestants will be held captive for 70 days under complete camera supervision.

Bigg Boss house has a swimming pool, gym area, hall, kitchen, storeroom and two separate bedrooms for men and women separated by a transparent glass between the rooms. The leader of men and women team will have the privilege to sleep on a master bed which has private bathroom, whereas other contestants have a common bathroom shared by everyone. All the contestants should wear a bag mike pouch on their shoulders to make their conversation audible. There is also a confession room in which the contestants can talk with Bigg Boss privately; however, entry to this room is only through prior permission from Bigg Boss.

Later Jr. Ntr introduced all the 14 contestants and took them one by one in to the Bigg Boss house. The show was held in very dramatic way with Jr.Ntr looking fully charged and even displayed his sensitive side by having tears in his eyes while singing ‘'Aadapillanamma"  song for singer Madhu Priya

The 14 contestants for the show are Archana, Sameer, Mumait Khan, Prince, Sampoornesh Babu, Madhu Priya, Jyoti, Hari Teja, Shiva Balaji, Kalpana, Mahesh Kathi, Katti Karthika, Adarsh and Dhanraj