Jyothi Says

Ex- Bigg Boss contestant, Jyothi had shared her experience with Sampoornesh Babu in Bigg Boss house. She revealed that Sampoo behaved like a psycho terrifying all other contestants in the house. She also shared that looking at his dangerous behaviour they had hidden all the kitchen knives as he was turning violent and displaying extreme aggression in the house.

“Sampoo became mentally sick while staying at Bigg Bose house. Audience may think that the whole sampoo episode may be scripted, but let me tell you that he was not acting; he was showing his actual behavior. I didn’t expect him to behave so badly. We were completely stunned. Looking at this violent behavior, makers have even given him tablet to him while he went to confession room. But he was not even taking that tablet and spit it out”

“He was jumping here and there and showing his anger on all other contestants saying that he wants to get out of this house and told everyone to eliminate him. Watching his Psychic behavior we even hid all the kitchen knives thinking he may take drastic steps. He does not even sleep in the bedroom; he sleeps in garden by staring at the sky. I was shocked thinking how people can become like that just by staying in this house.” revealed Jyoti Labala