Keep Your Aadhaar Ready To Book Train Tickets Online

Indian Railways on Thursday put forward a new proposal to make Aadhaar mandatory for booking train tickets online on IRCTC website. They are currently busy in integrating Aadhaar card data with the online ticketing system

Talking about this new proposal, IRCTC Chairman and Managing Director Dr A K Manocha said: "It will bring in transparency in rail ticket reservations for senior citizens, making the verification process easy and convenient. It will also prevent misuse of such a facility as ticket collectors can instantly verify the claims of passengers. Our objective is to ensure that only bona fide passengers with legitimate tickets travel in trains and thereby prevent revenue losses to Indian Railways."

Last year in December, Indian Railways had made it optional for senior citizens to provide Aadhaar card data while booking a train ticket to ensure that the ticket concessions reach right people but no bogus intermediaries. But with the new proposal, this will be mandatory for all the people who wants to book train tickets online