Mahesh's Phone Became Public Booth

Mahesh Kathi, who stirred the hornet’s nest by criticizing Pawan Kalyan, is now facing the wrath of his fans. He had now again uploaded a video showing how many calls he has been getting continuously on his mobile from Pawan Kalyan fans, who are abusing him with unparliamentary language.

“Hi everyone, I don’t know what these Pawan Kalyan fans are doing, I am not saying that I am feeling bad or sad because of Pawan Kalyan’s fans actions but only thing is they are irritating me for sure. I want to show you in this video how they are irritating me to the core by calling me on my personal number".

"One guy shared my mobile number in Pawan Kalyan’s fan page and because of that in past 48 hours I got 7000 - 8000 phone calls from different people claiming to be Pawan Kalyan fans. My phone is ringing continuously, I am not able to use the phone to call my friends or check my Facebook posts or whatsapp messages because of this non stop phone calls from PK fans"

"My phone is getting hanged with huge volume of phone calls and I am not able to get back to my normal life. If its one or two phone numbers, I can complain to police but if there are thousand of numbers, I cant complain so many numbers. I have shared my opinion, I am still telling the same, I don’t like Pawan Kalyan and I don’t want anyone to put Pawan Kalyan on my head or in my life” shared Mahesh Kathi