Malkova Videos Are Being Shared Like Palkova

Ram Gopal Varma had not just made a short film with porn star Mia Malkova but also introduced her to world’s largest subscribers of porn videos. Before this film, Indians were only aware of Palkova but not Mia Malkova and hence they have restricted their porn searches towards Sunny Leone.

As per the Pornhub's 2017 review report, Sunny Leone remained the most searched porn star in India for the third year in a row. However, it looks like that record is going to broke soon by Mia Malkova. As per the recent search analytics data, there had been huge spike in the search results of Mia Malkova porn videos from Indian netizens.

Need to see how Mia Malkova would cash in her new-found fame in India. Will she leave the porn industry like Sunny Leone and rechristen herself as sanskari Indian actress and charge hefty remunerations from Indian filmmakers to dance in masala songs or will she shoot her upcoming videos with Indian nativity? We have no fu****g clue.